Connected curriculum

If your child is bored or unhappy in school, tell the teacher that this connected curriculum is a good match for how your child learns best. Ask if the teacher will experiment with adding connected curriculum to the day or week to meet your child's needs. Below are ten easy ways to include more connected curriculum in the classroom:


Professional Development Opportunities

National Writing Project

See what opportunities for teaching writing are in your area. Their professional development always taps your knowledge, and experiences, to create amazing writing experiences and growth for your students. K12 Lab Network

The at Stanford has spearheaded efforts to design products and experiences with an emphasis on needs of the end user. The K12 lab is part of this effort focused on education. They have online and in person experiences throughout the country, that can add many ideas for connected curriculum for students.



Another initiative out of Stanford, this is a comprehensive effort to create higher level thinking math instruction, and has online professional development as well as courses.