Worksheets that make you shade in things with the letter "B" or match B to a picture of a balloon.

  • This project only requires a low level of thinking. If a child already knows sound letter combinations, it is a waste of time. 
  • This is isolated work, with little meaningful feedback.
Alphabet Book for Dogs, the "B" Page
Alphabet Book for Dogs, the "B" Page


Grades K/1: Make an alphabet book, with an option to choose a theme based on interests: dinosaurs, nature, Star Wars, etc. Challenge children to design the whole book. You can have each child create one, or have children work in teams. Or you can have the whole class work together, each producing pages for a class book. Arrange to go to another class to read your book to them. Leave the book out as an option for silent reading. 

  • This project involves the same basic ability, gaining fluency in connecting sounds and letters. However, if a child already knows their letter sounds, they aren't wasting time, because they can be researching dinosaurs that start with each letter, or something more challenging. The project involves creating, a higher level thinking skills.
  • The children are working on topics they are interested in, and working on a common goal. 
  • The children are learning a skill in its proper context. You typically connect the "b" sound with the letter B when you are trying to write. In addition, you are writing for an audience.

Grades 2-5: Still take time to read one-on-one with students, to make sure they are fluent. If they are not, give them direct instruction in sound letter connections and patterns that they are missing. Encourage students to read a loud to the class, to continue to practice this fluency with pronouncing words. Reading out loud involves many skills, and asking comprehension questions as part of it, can be too much at once.