Worksheets that break down writing into formulas.

  • They call for little creativity, with the teacher as the only audience. 


Writing Lessons (1-2 times a week)

  • Take a writing rubric.
  • Teach each part of the rubric separately. 
  • Give a topic (exploring different writing genres), and ask the students to write only to that part of the rubric.
  • Have the student's listen to each other's papers, and give each other a grade on that part of the rubric.
  • You read and share if you agree or disagree with the grade. 

Writer's Workshop (1-2 times a week)

  • Spark the children's imagination for types of books they can write.
  • Let the children write and illustrate books in teams or solo. 
  • When the book is complete, have them hire an editor. The editor must share 1 strength, 1 suggestion, and copyedit for grammar and spelling. 
  • The teacher can do a back up edit. 
  • The child is ready to present as a featured author.
  • The book is displayed as a choice for silent reading time. 

Writing and editing are learned for the purpose of connecting with others.