The Three C's

Your child needs three things to thrive in school: caring, connected curriculum and crafting. Related readings and research are found after each section.



Caring means children are noticed and appreciated by teachers and peers. The teacher focuses on strengths first, then goal - not just deficits.


A caring teacher will help your child meet safety, social and esteem needs to reach higher levels of learning and happiness. 

connected curriculum

Connected curriculum is connected to:

  • Your child's higher level thinking abilities. 
  • Your child's nature, and how they learn best.
  • How the subject is "practiced" in real life.

 Your child's work should require the higher levels of thinking. Does it? Take a pile of work and sort it to find out.


Children are active and like to talk. Good curriculum uses children's natures to increase learning outcomes. 


Curriculum is also matched to how the subject is practiced in real life, with meaningful learning opportunities (not just drill and kill).

creative problem solving

Creative problem solving involves ongoing problem solving when something isn't working (despite your best plans above). It is a practical application of design thinking summed up in "what, why, try." You notice everything you can about when a "hot spot" occurs, brainstorm why it might be happening, and created solutions for different theories. You patiently try out solutions until you find the right combination for success.


When a problem arises, parent and teacher can work together to figure out what the cause might be, and best solution given that cause (empathy). It can be a combination of factors, and requires patience and testing to craft a solution. 

Related research and readings

What Works in the Classroom? Ask the Students

Interesting research showing that the fastest way to find the best teachers at school is to ask your child.